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Paris, France

V A R O V A jewelry brand is inspired by Asia, where I lived for 16 years and where I left for when I turned 18 years old. I was following my childhood dream, inspired by my mother. When I was 10, she started working at the Korean Consulate in Vladivostok, a small town in the Russia's Far East. I fell in love with this magical foreign land that my mother "brought home". And just like that my "Korean dream" was born. I wanted to make this country my new home and achieve success there.

It was a long journey. I learnt patience, hard work and perseverance. I started working as a secretary in a small Korean company mastering the art of making green tea. And later I was developing multi-million dollar oil and gas projects in Samsung. I don't believe in coincidences. To me its about focus, determination and being true to your dreams.

I developed a global career working for major corporations, but I always dreamt about building my own business. I was just waiting for the right idea that would click. Only after leaving Asia a few years ago, I realized that I wanted to share with the world my personal stories, cultural clashes and professional experiences as I was trying to establish myself in a man's world, as well as Asian philosophy and aesthetics that became a part of me.

I always loved jewelry, but I wanted to create unique designs with a powerful story behind them and a meaning for a woman who wears them. That's how V A R O V A brand was born.

I sometimes laugh when my friends ask me how I managed to survive in Asia all by myself for so many years. My answer is always the same: "If you have a dream and you live and breathe it, nothing will stop you." That's exactly what my brand is about.